I’d Rather Be Writing

Courtney by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

To some it seems like I have a million things to do. To me, I have only about a thousand – unless I’m swamped with commissions. Then it quickly becomes a million. I’ve been cutting back on how much work I do for others, though, as I slowly quit the working game and “retire”.

To keep my act together, I have a schedule firmly written on a little white board on the top shelf of my big fancy desk. It runs Monday through Saturday, giving me Sundays for whatever, and says things like, “Thursday: Heavenly Bride”. Thursday is today.

Where I could work on The Heavenly Bride and get ahead of where I’m stuck at, I find that problematic and don’t want to. I’m a linear writer. Sometimes I’ll go ahead of myself, but only if there’s something so bright in my mind I feel like I don’t have a choice. So as far as Bride goes, I’m at a standstill because my printer is still done.

I have found a possible solution, though. The problem with said solution is I have to wait until the time that I can afford it. However, once that’s bought not only is Bride hopefully saved but also the prints I make for conventions and various other things. Whoopee.

I could spend today wasting my time fighting the printer or moaning about Bride, or I could be doing something else. The something else seems more productive, so I’ve spent extra time working on The Brat. The script is coming along nicely, and a lot of extra storytelling has been making its way into the story. I’m also discussing Leslie Fish being in on the project, and so far she hasn’t disappointed. It’s looking pretty good.

The image you see up there is another development image from the game. Courtney is your average supporting character. Her backstory isn’t even that interesting. And she likes butterflies.