Excessively Ignored Details

Do you remember the post I made the other day (click here) talking about how a certain Star Trek revival Youtube person was a total jackass in my direction? I’d responded to his email telling him that, look, my email was a compliment and perhaps he should look at it again. I was less direct, though, in an attempt to be nice.

It’s.. how many days later? And I just got the following response:

Thanks for the clarification. I’m glad you;re enjoying it now more than when we started 🙂

We’ll keep doing our best!

And that’s it. That’s all he had to say after my hours of writing the original, the hour I took to compose a thoughtful reply despite his lack of courtesy, and just overall yuck.

What I want to say to him at this point is, “Well, I wouldn’t have had to clarify if you’d read the first letter to the end in the first place. Glad you’re doing your best, but I dumped your show.” I mean, he couldn’t even take the time to mind where he was typing. He just pounded out a quick reply and hit send without any real thought. Yuck.

C’est la vie, I guess. I at least know now that should my tables ever turn, he’s a person I’d have to think carefully about working with on anything.

This might surprise people but I have a life outside of being insulted by inconsiderate jackasses on the internet. Today the hubby and I went to town to find a used bookstore.

There were none.

I find this lack of literature disturbing on so many levels. It’s disturbing on an economic level. It’s disturbing on a local intelligence level. It’s disturbing on a places to go level. It’s plain disturbing.

I know Amazon is a great online resource and all, but nothing beats a good used bookstore. Nothing. If you haven’t been to one recently, I recommend you load up and go. Take a day to explore the universe. And relax.

That is all.