Store Level Achieved

As of just a few minutes ago, what I can do to get the online bookstore finished has been done. This included revamping all of my old things, which meant setting aside some current projects, while being careful not to let commissions get neglected. I’ve had to pace my work to mornings only, which has been a little frustrating for me because I wanted things done.

Well, they’re done as they can be. You can now visit Wôks Print to see what I mean. Everything in there has been set up to their respective distribution plans. For some that means Ingram. For others it means a special plan I created after a lot of research into various ebook aggregators. The final goal, of course, was to get The Heavenly Bride into China – or at least, standing against the Chinese firewall seeking permission to be allowed inside.

I have three things left to do with this. Two of these three things are books; The Page of Cups and It’s Never Romantic to Wash the Dishes. I’m a bit at a standstill with them. I could go ahead and push The Page of Cups through Ingram as I plan to do, yes, but I have decided it needs to be examined first. If there’s an area that needs fleshing out, now is the time. With Dishes, it’s almost the same situation. There’s a short story I recently submitted to an online magazine that would fit with it very well. But I have to hear back from this magazine first.

The third thing is actually a bunch of things. I have to decide what to do with the Heavenly Bride chapters. They used to do very well at Amazon. Sales for them died a long time ago.  Maybe the Amazon readers discovered the online website. Maybe I’m just that bad of a storyteller. Maybe it was that one review on Chapter 4 (3?) that did it. Either way, I wonder if it’s worth it to keep up with this effort.

Assembling the chapters is a little bit of work, even though I use templates to some degree. The time it takes pulls away from the time I have to make the next page of the current chapter. There’s also the fact that, well, if no one is buying them… is it worth it.

I am distributing the chapter books out, of course, so I thought perhaps I could just take the chapters down from Amazon and out of Smashwords distribution completely. I could then offer them in the Wôks store, even though I don’t expect anyone to frequent the store… ever.

Decisions, decisions.

For now I have to set these decisions aside. My brain will poke at them as I go about other business, and I’ll come to a decision eventually.

Chocolate would help enormously in this. I should get some chocolate.