Visually Occupied

As always happens, the new project has taken over my body and soul. I tell myself I’m only going to alot so much time to The Brat for the day and it ends up taking a lot more.

Which means progress has been had, of course, at the expense of my sleeping hours vs my commission progress. I choose getting commissions done over sleep most times. I like to pay bills.

Today’s Brat activities were supposed to be animating the opening logo for the game itself, but the computer fubarred and I ended up switching tracks. My opening post in the visual novel forum I’m a member of needed to be made more professional looking, as did the page to the game I am housing here. That is what I have ended up doing.

I encourage folks to take a look, give me feedback. Yes, I know I should consider a Kickstarter but it’s too soon. Way too soon. I want to be a lot farther along before I investigate an avenue that always has been a failure for me.

Well. Back to work.