The Flattering

I was tickled yesterday when a long-time reader asked me straight up if I was willing to do stick figures, because I use them for comics on occasion as filler art. To be specific, they wanted to know if I could bring Akashik back using stick figures. Please, pretty please.

Yes, I do intend to get back to Akashik before I die of old age – providing Nibiru doesn’t make it completely to the planet and kill us all. I am often frustrated that I can’t start on it now. Well, in a way I am working on it. I develop characters, I poke at the script, and I’m writing side stories here and there because they simply will not leave me alone.

The latest side story that blossomed out from my pen into comic book script form was about Taus’s first teacher and sponsor into Cerberus. To be precise, it’s how they met. But I can’t start on it right now… there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Not with me having to work on commissions for everyone else, too.

Still, the day is coming. The husband and I have been working hard for the time I can say, “I quit!” to the working world at large and strike out on my own. I’m impatient because I’d set these days off for my children, for stability, for this and for that. All I have to show for it are empty bedrooms and an entire life that was set aside.

A client recently told me that I should put my life even further on hold while my husband goes to college. I should support him and be there for him as much as a wife can.

I told him politely that my husband was a grown man.

Sometimes I get real sick and tired of the double standard, the societal expectation that as a female I shouldn’t try to be successful and do things in my own right. When I did them I was put down and called names. And today, now that I’m nearing middle-age, I’m not even appreciated for my sacrifice. And someone expects me to set my life back even further?

I think not.

But this wasn’t meant to be a rant about inequality. This was supposed to be a simple comment about fans, and how much I love them, and how much it means to me when one reaches out to beg me for stick figures at the very least.

Please, pretty please.