I finally started on a paper and/or book I’ve been planning to write for a couple of years last night. This is to be an academic adventure, something along the lines of why I went to college in the first place. Despite being accused of never using my degree.

Maybe it was the monthly migraine that spawned it, I dunno. I was sure lightheaded and out of my mind last night. In any case, I rarely write academically. Taking over and completely revamping my husband’s paper into the full-fledged book, The Page of Cups, was the last I was able to find the time to do that. Then life happened, as it does, along with survival. Wave a small flag here, please.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working to drop some of my work load for a long time now so that I can find time to be an author again. Currently that work load is light enough that I can consider moving forward. The drawback of course is that we’re being sued by one of my husband’s credit cards for not paying the bill enough. And I’m constantly grinding my teeth at night as I worry about money. But things are as they are and some of it is beyond my control. I shall write, then.

The trick is not to let it take over my time with The Heavenly Bride or any of my other adventures. In my mind it shouldn’t take me long to write this paper. I’m not aiming to put out a 10,000 page thesis, I just want to put out some brief information in regards to a topic people seem to be very ignorant about. I will tell you that my quest is historical in nature. I’m currently looking at the Middle Paleolithic Era, as far as research goes, and learned something new about homo erectus this morning. I feel special.

I do love being a scientist on the times that I can actually be one. It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed. So for as long as I’m able to write my paper without interruption I should be quite pleased with myself. But we shall see.

Time to put the paper aside for the day and return to being a comic book author and worker bee. I’ve got commissions to fill. I’ve got the next Heavenly Bride page to get going before my primary job has rush jobs for me to do….