Mmmm foxes

The first snow of the year happened last night. It’s pretty out there in a deadly, white sort of way…. No I haven’t taken any pictures. Most folks have seen snow before, at least in America. I will tell you that I took my husky hybrid dogs out to play in their first snow ever, expecting they’d be excited like other huskies I’ve had in the past, and they were like… whatever. I was disappointed, I tell you. Disappointed.

Anyway, I’m here to show you a brief tutorial I put up on Youtube. It’s nothing special. Just if you’re curious about what I do, even when I take a moment off, here’s a clue.

Basically I’m demonstrating some of the things I might do to prepare an image to be converted into a cross stitch or bead looming pattern. This may be my last for a long while. The programs I have were all demos and, well, my time with them is up. I’ve no idea where I put that other one I used to have… sigh… anyway. Here you go.

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