No Snow Yet

Don’t look now, but I think I got the Silhouette Cut It Yourself working right. Since last night I’ve cut about 100 fairies for charms and several half inch labels for another project I’m poking at. It cut as correctly as cheap machinery will allow. Hoozah. Let’s hope it holds.

It promises to be a busy day. I created five “snow globe” bottle charms last night, and today I have to take those half inch labels I mentioned before and get them prepped for attaching. I’m going to dome them with resin, because it would make them more durable. I’ve completely fallen in love with resin, and I’m constantly going over in my head for things I can do with it.

The problem with resin, though, is that it gets all over my art desk – the place where pages of Heavenly Bride are worked on. I read somewhere the resin won’t stick to white paper bags, so I’ve spent some time this morning also inventing a coated anti-resin board. If it works, I’ll maybe sell them. Or give out the instructions. Or both. My guillotine cutters haven’t shown up from the move yet. I’ve written them off as things that “weren’t left behind” and have been trying to cope without them… but without them I’m reluctant to make resin mats to sell. I can’t afford to replace the big one just now. I’d need at least $50, and I need that $50 to try to send at least something to the house payment. It’s been running on 3 months now that we haven’t paid the mortgage.

But now that the Cameo is behaving, I’ve made some real progress on my charm project. This makes me uber happy, even if I haven’t sold a single thing in months. Ha! I’m being inventive, watch me get covered in glitter!

My nose is to the grind on commissions as well. I’ve a large amount of flatting to do right now, and this means Heavenly Bride has been put into the slow lane. I don’t get double flats but maybe every two months, so I normally don’t mind. But right now I sure wish I could get the next page out already.

I think if I were an uber billionaire, I’d still keep myself busy with projects. I just like being busy. Of course, I’d also travel, know twelve different languages, and own a large publishing firm. And maybe go to SCA events and follow the powwow trail.

Oh. And buy cheese. Because we love cheese.