Retirements All Around!

It happened last week, finally. My husband is now officially retired.

Woo hoo, right? Yeah I thought so at first, too. Our last paycheck came two weeks ago, bills were paid, and uh… today would normally be payday and it’s not. No woohoos.

I’m not sure what this means for The Apocalypse Writers exactly. My husband is job hunting, but I’ve been meeting a lot of people who were attached to veterans in some way that talked about how a year later their veteran friend hasn’t found a job. And my husband was medically retired, meaning he was pushed out because his knees buckle and fold on him because he jumped out of an airplane one too many times. And I just don’t make enough to carry things on my own. Hell, I don’t make hardly anything these days: the ebook formatter market has become completely over-saturated.

What about his pension? Disability? Blah blah blah?

After all is said and done he’ll be getting a little over half of what he used to make. When and IF the checks ever start coming. Still no woohoos.

I sit here trying to face facts on the matter. This may mean the end for the Writers. Although I have my doubts that I can find a traditional job in the sense that many of the sheeple out there view jobs, it may be that I also have to go hunt. Someone’s gotta do something.

I should like to see the next page of Heavenly Bride done at least. I’m having to build a new set for it, a scene change, and new characters. It’s time involving and these situations always slow down the creation process, but I do my best to make it worth it. I was able to begin designing panel one yesterday. Now for the other panels.

A famous writer saw the opening to The Demonkeeper’s Daughter and is all on my hide to write, write, write. Man, I so wish I could! When I was 14 I wrote all of the time. Time is definitely wasted on the young, cuz think about it. I was 14. Oh, the drama on those pages. The shallowness. The MK Ultra training creeping into the stories. The lack of reality! The limited worldview! Now that I’m all grown up and jaded, I write better but have no time. LOL. Cruel ironies.

Ah well, that’s enough of an update especially concerning the doom and gloom. I have charms I have to send out to various places. Hooray post office! I encourage everyone to actually use the post office instead of everywhere else. Write a physical letter now and again. Connect.

I like cheese.