The Demonkeeper’s Daughter debut

I’ve been thinking about serializing my current novel project for quite some time. I had tried that with another project a long time ago and had to give it up: no readers, no time, no nothing. It just wasn’t working.

But The Demonkeeper’s Daughter I poke at from time to time. Not a lot… but enough. I’ve been fleshing characters (as you saw when I posted the beatsheet) and various other things. And I’ve been considering for it.

I’ve decided I’ll give it a try. If the story gets readers and feedback, I’ll begin to set aside regular time to post on a firm schedule. If not, well… I’ll write as finances allow. Because unfortunately for me, personal creation literally depends on readership support. Damn those bills and their mean billiness.

And of course The Heavenly Bride must always be handled first….

So let me introduce to you The Demonkeeper’s Daughter. Chapter One is ready for you to read. I’m asking you, my pups, to please spread the word and help make this a success. Make it worth my time. It’s free, and it will remain up and free until I complete it.