Release the Kracken!

Sometimes I like to make cross-stitch patterns. I don’t cross-stitch.But I love to make the patterns, as kooky as that sounds… but I used to use cross-stitch patterns as beadwork patterns back when I had the time and could see the beads. So that not only makes it alright, it tends to keep my patterns in line with the ability to keep doing that. No fancy schmancy french knots for me.

kracken smallLast night I was catching up the etsy store at the request of a possible client and looking at my patterns. Then I remembered a little something I had planned a while back. I found the line-art, loaded him up, and soon I had a little blue kracken baby boy. I’m a mother!

Once I had finished putting up as a t-shirt design in a new Cafe Press shop ( I set about the fun yet time-consuming process of making him a cross-stitch pattern to put up in my etsy and OOAK Leaf shop.

I think I have it pretty much the way I want it, and I would probably put it out now except for a simple problem. The program I use to make the cross-stitches is only a trial version. I can’t print PDFs or do any of the fun stuff. And I don’t have $50 to spare at this moment.

Soon, we all hope! Soon.

And back to work for me… even though my NEW craft distraction of painting glass is calling my name rather strongly. Must… resist…