autumn_on_the_farm[1]Thanks for coming to my Deviantart site once in a while to look at what I do. You know I started a Deviantart account because there was this other art website that kept denying all of my artwork for display. It was always something stupid small like the blacks of my character’s eyes were too dark or something. They especially didn’t like my Amer-manga blend and furiously demanded I pick one or the other instead of being the representative of cultural exchange that I am. So I came here. And folks here are usually very nice. So thanks to folks who watch me, float through, and let me friend them back. Thanks DA for not being a place for snobbery. I grew as an artist partially because of this place. Thumbs up.

Thanks to folks who read my comics and follow the stories. Thanks to folks who buy my books, occasionally send donations, and ask me character questions while they wait for the next chapter. Without you there are a lot of bills I couldn’t pay.

Thanks to the folks who let me flat for them. It’s more than a job. It’s a puzzle.

Thanks to the folks who give me art advice and, most especially, decent conversation. Thanks to the folks who have been there for me in my darkest hours. Thanks to all those who were patient while I finally matured and got my head out of my ass like some ungrateful child.

And another thanks to the folks who are working today (like me!): because without you guys my husband couldn’t have picked up the food items we had nowhere to put. Not all of us have a freezer and full sized fridge. =^-^=

Happy Turkeys!