Betting You Thought I’d Forgotten It But…

… no I didn’t forget 10 Confessions & A Kiss. My life has just sucked that bad.

However, there’s good news. I know I had decided “pencil forever” on the final art style but the other day I stumbled across a way for me to do the one look I’ve been wanting to do from the beginning. And with that, 10 Confessions will be taking another style track: most likely the final one if all goes well.

It’s all because of how I’ve been working on 3D to get Akashik back up again. I got curious, did some tweaks, and before I knew it I had a very good looking (if drawn a little differently) Zoe with perfect toning and great proportions. And I realized… I can totally do this.

So for the past 24 hours I’ve been working on some things as fast as I can before my coach turns back into a pumpkin. I have the four main guys done up and even rendered. Want to see?

Helping Out by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Oh Zoe by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Lala 3D by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Together by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

So yes, things continue to fall back together.