Commission Error of an Error

Well it looks like I’m going to have to have a policy change in one of the things I do. I used to take commissions at conventions and take them home, but I think from now on I won’t be taking them home. Because I have a few commissions that have been paid for, and when I went to get their address from the box it was kept safely in… the address wasn’t there.

Pestilence and I have pretty much looked everywhere. We found an address from a commission I already mailed out. We found a book someone published that had my art in it. We found a cute plane pin a friend gave me. We did not find the much-needed address.

I shouldn’t feel so guilty. I really shouldn’t. When the request was made I insisted very strongly the people take my card with them so that if something happened and they didn’t hear from me, they could find me and ask what was going on. They didn’t want to take it, but…. I dunno. I wanted them to be able to find me. It’s been a long while since Bayoucon and they haven’t contacted me. They probably lost my address, too.

Pestilence and I will be doing another sweep search tomorrow. I found the five dollar bill that was also being kept in that safe box in a sketch book. Where it wasn’t supposed to be. We don’t know what happened, but whatever it was it was mess. Surely that address has got to be around here somewhere.

But just in case you’re the person who made this request and you’re here trying to find out what’s going on – omg email me!!!!!

*facepalm* Where’s the Doctor when you need him?