His old motherboard gave up the ghost last night. Fortunately we knew it was coming and was able to get another one ordered! So we’ve spent the past 3 days trying to get the new incarnation of Charlie up and running again. For 3 days Charlie has rejected the new motherboard – a Windows 7 issue. In the end I had to lose out on client contacts and important work files and do a complete install. Why am I not surprised.

My experience with Windows gets more and more negative the more they make it “secure”. And I fail to see how programming the OS to wig out over the smallest change does anything to stop would be Windows 7 thieves. A Microsoft employee asked me once, “Don’t you want to feel secure?” I was like, “I can take care of myself, thank you.” You see, my brand-new machine with my first copy of Windows 7 was so secure I had to call them that day to get permission to use my own computer and install a program I had to use for the job I had at the time. And no, the guy couldn’t tell me how to give myself permission. I had to let him INTO my computer by a backdoor program and let him sniff around my files. Do I feel secure? Hell no. The more I use Windows, the less I feel that way. I feel kicked, used, stifled, treated like a criminal, and extorted.

But anyway, here I sit with a new incarnation of Charlie. He’s supposed to be a leaner, meaner 3d rendering machine now. I’m wondering how many threads in Luxrender I can go to now. 4 was my limit before. Dare I go to… 5? I mean, how do I know how many is too many? I have no way of knowing this. And inquiring minds wanna know.

I’m a day or two away from being completely set up again. I’m eager to get it done, get back to work

A definite bright side to this is when we called Adobe to get my licenses released (heaven forbid I just handle my own stuff) the guy was so rude to me and my husband, hubby hung up and contacted a rep online. They gave me free copies of more up to date programs. I’ve been using CS2 all this time. So, if what they gave me works: it’s a win!

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