Guess Akashik won’t be happening after all. Not for a long long while.

The hard drive containing all of the finished Akashik characters, my DAZ stuff, and – most importantly – my paying work just died without warning. It was the newest of my drives, the biggest.  And before anybody harps at me about backups and other such stuff for people who have money, I didn’t have the money to have a drive big enough to contain what was in it to make a backup. So I didn’t have one.

Sometimes I tell my husband that I prefer my drives to be external to avoid this very event. When we bought the drive it was external. Drives got rearranged, cases got switched, and it ended up internal – which means it was getting hit with lots of Louisiana brownouts. Which means it’s not a surprise that it died suddenly so much as has me screaming very angrily at my computer gremlin, threatening him with homelessness that he would let this happen – not even a week after I finally managed to save enough to buy a backup battery pack to protect the computer from brownouts.  But I guess it was too late.

By the way, the two older drives that remained external are still alive and kicking.

Don’t know what I’m going to do. I mean, obviously I’m out of business as of tonight. I had to use the last of my money to refund a client who was supposed to have their work delivered today. Taking on new work is too big of a risk – I don’t know what else is dying and just can’t do it. And I can’t afford to repair, fix, and get things back up again.

Makes an aging lady cry, it does. A lot.