Turn of events

Note to the former team members who ditched Akashik due to lack of faith – please don’t be angry. But an animation studio contacted me yesterday wanting to get with me about creating Akashik the way it was meant to be from the beginning: animated. =^-^=

I haven’t turned them down so much as explained that certain areas were in legal limbo due to certain members leaving the team and that the entire thing was in rewrite. Their answer? Let ’em know when I had it rewritten and free of the content that might cause legal issues. I am lucky here that I stuck to my guns on character creation and wouldn’t let folks tell me what to do in a lot of areas. The concept, design, all of that are all mine. It’s the story content I’ve had to be careful of, and careful I have been.

It’s too soon to go popping wine bottles and shouting hoozah. This wouldn’t be a financial venture, either. They’re a new company looking for a story. They know my babies are looking for their story to get told. On that score it would be a win-win situation – IF I can get my act together. There’s the rub. Stupid financial problems!! *shakes fist*

The thing is: it’s quite the complement. It tells me I’ve done something right somewhere. And that’s encouragement for me to get back to work on things with more gusto – and it doesn’t matter if it makes it to animation at this stage or not. I have been complemented. Work awaits!

2 thoughts on “Turn of events”

  1. uh, THEY LEFT…why are you apologizing? If it was a team effort I understand the legalities but THEY LEFT, leaving the rest of the work to you.

    1. Nobody’s apologizing for anything. I do feel kind of bad a little bit – for the most part most of them really tried to hang in there and cling to the dream.

      But I haven’t heard back from the studio so far tonight, so as I said before it’s nothing written in stone. In fact I may never hear from the studio again. Who knows. (shrug)

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