Random post title!

I’ve been preoccupied lately with work while getting nothing done. Things are balancing out so that I’m able to back off even more and consider making comics a bit more of more in my time schedule. This is good.

3D developments continue: made an Akashik comic the other day simply because I could. It doesn’t look how I like it yet – probably will never – and I’m actually considering making up a process where it’s half drawn and half 3d. This way it would have more of my flavor but my hand might survive the making. Anyway, it’s no rush considering the finances and all that. One thing at a time.

On another comic note, I’m incredibly frustrated. I found a way to return 10 Confessions back to its original form. This return would help my hand, put 10 Confessions back on track, and make things how I want them. It was an art plugin called AKVIS that made it possible. I had a trial version, and that version ran out. So I’m sitting here stuck on 10 – so close, so very very close – until I can get the money to continue. It’s like being stuck outside the wall wanting in from the cold. Brrr!

And finally, I do have more Cyphacon and (now) Bayoucon footage for you. I keep trying to upload the next segment and it keeps timing out. We’ve been having some internet troubles lately so maybe that’s it. But I am working on it, I promise!

And I guess that’s it for now, eh?