Kindle Comics Creator!

Here’s a little tip for folks who are trying to put their comics into KF8 form – Amazon just released another Kindle app called Kindle Comics Creator. It apparently even has an automatic sense so that it will suggest where to put in the zoom function that makes KF8 so comic friendly.

Now I’m of two minds on this situation. I’m very happy the app is out, because I have been struggling with learning KF8 lately and wasn’t able to go but so far. But as a new owner of a  generation one Kindle Fire, I realized “Wait a minute. The comics are able to be read just FINE on this big huge hulking screen.” The only place I could see the zoom function when it comes to this, as a result, would be on a droid app… except my droid app doesn’t support the zoom function.

So why bother with KF8? Seriously I have no idea, unless you’re doing a children’s book that needs the landscape function or a magazine that requires a very complicated layout. BUT, here’s the fun part, if this new app by Kindle allows me to put in hidden text so that my comics can be read aloud by my Fire I’m shoo’d in.  And okay I admit… being able to do a double page spread without being locked into it would be real nice. And wouldn’t it be neat if I could afford to get voice actors for the various parts, maybe some background music – maybe just say screw it to the whole concept of comics period at that point?  =^-^=

I haven’t tried the app yet myself having only downloaded it a few minutes ago, but I’m sure I’ll be able to let you know something soon.

Here’s a link to the app!