Dear Media Monsters of Business

Dear Media Monsters of Business,

Hi there. I’m a customer, one of many that you are punishing pre-emptively for illegal downloads you have assumed I am doing. In your heated rush to stop all of us thieves – and apparently that’s the entire populace of America – from downloading that television show you aired while also seeking to cash in on a national change in policy you have implemented such wonderful things as the “6 strike system” and “monthly data usage limits”. Your argument: when accused the thieves will have their internet shut off. And with a limit on download ability, illegal downloads won’t happen.

In your eagerness to punish me, a home office worker who discovered Netflix for her streaming LEGAL relaxation, you have shot yourself in the foot. Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t. A lot of us out here are noticing that the more you scream “copyright violation!!!” the worse off you seem to be. It’s almost as if people are buying less and less. And of course you are assuming this means they’re stealing more and more.

But here’s an effect of your new business model for you. Here I am, moving to a rural area. I’ve lived in rural areas before so I’m used to a certain model of offered internet service that, thanks to the new usage models, no longer exists. The problem? I work at home, doing graphics and high end things, and I use a lot more than the 20gb a month I’m told is what I should be grateful for.

So here’s what has to happen. Understand this is what has to happen under your business model – providing my husband can’t find us an affordable answer.

I have to shut off Netflix. It isn’t that I’m going to be stealing the next episodes of Supernatural to watch them. I’m simply not going to know. On the one hand, I’ll be saving $8 a month. On the other, Netflix isn’t going to be getting $8 a month.

All of those shows I might have gotten to watch and be swayed to spend money on? Ain’t gonna happen now, media hounds. You won’t be getting that dime either.

This also means I won’t be streaming off the internet onto my computer. I hate doing that anyway.

All of those songs I may have found by Youtube that I usually would end up purchasing legally? Ain’t gonna happen now. On the other hand, my ability to get free open domain stuff by some really good artists will remain because I’m not likely to stop haunting the areas that tell me about them . I use those same areas for my own work.

I work, which means I don’t listen much to the radio – so if you’re thinking that’s a viable source still think again. There are a lot of people like me. And our numbers are growing. Radios play the same give stupid songs over and over again for months anyway. Satellite radio, too.

Which means I’m not going to be buying from you as much anymore. Not because I’m stealing from you. Because your business model has made it unfeasible. Every single last bit of the scraps I am being offered as a potential thief have to be reserved for my honest work.

And you, big business, have lost one hell of a customer through the process.

Have a nice day.