6 days to go for 10 Confessions

Well, I have 6 days to go for the latest Kickstarter campaign involving 10 Confessions & A Kiss. I had told myself I wasn’t going to do this for 10 Confessions ever again until I had four chapters ready for a print version of chapter 1, but my previously unplanned scheduled appearance at Cyphacon changed my mind. I need to sport it on my table!

So far I’m a little over 50% towards my goal, so I haven’t completely lost hope yet. The chances this project will be funded are very slim, though, and I know that. So my plan “B” is simply to home make about four copies of it for my table and leave it at that. Can’t really afford to make more than that without sending out. =^-^=

Chapter 2 is coming along as well. I’ve already talked in other places about how this page needs redoing, blah blah blah. I’d like to be able to say to folks “yes, chapter 2 is out there!” but 10 Confessions doesn’t have that large of a readership base. Heavenly Bride is currently the big kicker and as such it tends to also get more attention from me. But there’s always hope.

In other news, my dog is changing his spots! I kid you not. As a small puppy, this half-terrier had a pristine white coat graced with brown spots on his ear and tail. Basically he looked like the dog from Dick and Jane. Now that he’s hitting puberty, his coat is getting little brown freckles especially down one side so that he’s looking like someone splattered him with clay.

So you CAN change your spots. At least, you can if you’re half-terrier.

2 thoughts on “6 days to go for 10 Confessions”

  1. whistles innocently. hope that even if you don’t fully get it funded that what is given is helpful enough. hugs

    1. LOL. Well funding doesn’t go through unless the goal is met. I guess we’ll see what happens!

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