One of the next projects

A friend of mine, War from my Apocalypse Writers team, is a big time reader, and there’s a book series she’s been talking to me about. I can’t remember the name of the series, being as I don’t read it myself, but I do remember that she ended up getting inspired to filk about it. The song she chose to filk to is I Want You Gone by Johnathon Coulton, who puts his songs up for free download and keeps them open for a variety of uses. Not that filking another song wouldn’t still be protected under U.S. parody acts as well as certain Fair Usages… but I was happy she’s picked Coulton’s song. I prefer to do things with and for people who have a more open mind to copyright and the play of marketing by word on the street.

We filk his song and people hear about his song. And he might get more people listening to him. And we don’t get greedily sued for having a little harmless fun. It’s perfect.

War has already sent me several versions of the lyrics. On the next day I’ve set aside to play I’ll be taking a look at them. More on that later.