Another new development

So while doing research to try to find music and things to work with, I happened across “Wuthering Heights”. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, although I admit I don’t much care for the original rendition by Kate Bush:

The version I first discovered the song through is by a South American heavy metal band, Angra, who turned it into a rock ballad:

So I decided that one thing I should be working towards is making a cover of this song, simply out of pure love for it. And I went on a quest to find some decent instrumental music I could use legally. (Keeping in mind I have no intentions of selling my rendition of the song.)

I looked at a lot of karaoke, one by a company that strictly forbade me using their music anywhere outside of my home. -_- And then I happened across a beautiful midi style version someone composed for lower-voiced singers. On their post they complained they couldn’t find vocals to mix with it.

Just so happens I’m an alto. I used to be alto-soprano before I took up, briefly, smoking. But anyway, hey. My voice is this native american crier meant for drums and powwows… that also likes to sing rock ballads. And this filk – and indeed Wuthering Heights fits the definition of pop filk, being it’s about a character from a popular book and thus popular culture – needs me to sing it. =^-^=

I contacted the composer and got permission. Now I just have to practice the song with the new music, master it, and manage to record vocals with broken equipment. EASY!

Oh, and here is another rendition of Wuthering Heights that I just found today.