L’épouse Céleste

With readership in Heavenly Bride picking up and me wanting to find more time to fit one of my hobbies into my life – studying French – it occurred to me that if I translated Heavenly Bride into French that might merge 1. me working on HB and 2. me getting to study French.  But I don’t speak French well enough to consider translating anything. What do I do now?

Hire a translator, of course.

So page for page as I go here and there, Heavenly Bride will become available in French.  If you’re curious, the website for it will be here: http://www.theheavenlybride.com/french/

Now to find time to do things with it. Paying for the translation will have to be an “as I go thing” – depending on Heavenly Bride to pay for Heavenly Bride. At anywere from $8 to $25 a page that’s not going to be very swift. But at least it’s going to be done.

I also would like to see my comics in Mandarin and Spanish.  =^-^= But I’m happy to start with French.