I murderously ended my webcomic.

Yes. I am a murderer – but a murderer in the evil stepmother sense. For I have taken my webcomic, Akashik, to the kennel today and put her down using the poisoned apple of “I quit but not really”. I can’t say it was very merciful, for I certainly have been suffering under its weight for the past several years in a not-so-merciful kind of way. I can say it was quick. It’s only vocal reader emailed me shortly thereafter and said it was a shock, but they understood.

I have my reasons why I did it. Most of it has to do with time. And health. All of it has to do with why so many webcomics die before their time: money, jobs, the future. The past. You name it. Akashik was online for 5 or 6 years (I stopped counting) and now its gone. But not forgotten.

I hate giving up on a story. I hate not seeing it finished. But I’d made a major mistake with Akashik: I’d begun putting it out before I had a firm script. It’s not even a fully written tale. That’s not a good idea with comics – or movies. So what do I do now?

I let Akashik sleep, is what. It shall reside in its little glass coffin. I let it sleep and hopefully once a week I go to the script that was never written and I write. And I write. And I get this story tightened up and clear – for what it was up until today was a clusterfrack – and I make it so that I CAN finish it someday. And I continue to hope my ship comes in.

And here, as with my other stories, I will post snippets so you can see that yes. The story shall always live in my mind.

And I shall also eat chocolate.