First Confession

Far be it I should start yet another blog, but it seemed like the right move to make for the website, for my professional thoughts, and just for being entirely. I have thoughts sometimes, things based on my work that I feel I should share the way the more successful did for me when I was much younger. And sometimes, well, I just want to rant about such things.

Perhaps I’ll backpost some things here that happened in the webcomics and in other places. Perhaps not.

But it is my intention to make this a blog about the craft of storytelling in all the ways that I do it: with my webcomics, with my short stories, with my novels, and even in my dark thoughts late at night when stories are conceived I shall never have the time to birth.

This blog will also give news on the stories in progress. Because that’s how I roll.

Nothing much more to say beyond that for now.