Closer than usual

I went and recorded my audition for the Green Lantern role only to learn I couldn’t turn it in. I wanted to. I asked on Misfits Audio what the address was and instead got a reply not to confuse one group with the other, that GL had been moved to another group. It seems like I can never post anything on Misfits without getting anything wrong anymore, so I may just drop them. But I need to find another troupe first.

But on the other hand, the small company just now replied asking for samples of my voice and where they could find productions I’m in. It would be a weekly comic podcast; apparently they think a female voice would be a plus. I’m all for that. Comics are what I do and breathe. Being able to voice act, for free or whatever, on top of it would be just the icing on the cake.

I haven’t got the gig yet, though. I’m still in the audition stage.

Here’s hoping. 🙂

Auditions, auditions

I haven’t been trying out for anything lately, mainly because I got busy with the things that actually pay money in my life. Then I rediscovered Darkwing Duck, and now I’m all a-fever to get back to business. Jim Cummings has got to be one of my favorite voice actors. He’s so talented.

There’s a Green Lantern story I’m trying out for today. I also noticed a small comic company at Digital Webbing that needed voice actors, so I just dropped them an email.

I suppose if I tried harder at this, I’d land more roles. It’s not like I can’t do them. But one benefit to doing this for more fun than anything is that you can be picky. 🙂