What a brilliant day so far.

I haven’t been given any lines as Miranda in a long while. I also haven’t seen any talk about it on the Misfits forum… I could listen to the episodes and find out if the story is finished, yes… but the honest truth (and I’m not shamming) is that I’m saving them. My husband is in Afghanistan, and we’d promised we would listen to them together. It’s been a long wait to hear what I’d acted in, but I’ve only a couple of more months to go.  I’m going to make a CD for the car and we’ll listen to them on long trips, which we plan to take a couple of.

In the meantime, I got word today that the Dr. Who Audio Dramas are taking another casting call. I’d played with them once before as an Oriental Dr. Ryoko… and it’s been a while. So I thought I would audition today before the two teenagers of the house made it home. And audition I did.

Chances are slim with this one, because the competition is very fierce. But I’m going to hope anyway.  🙂