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The Worldeater is a rank title for a member of Cerberus. There have been two World-eaters to date. Currently the title is open while future Cerberus members compete to win the position. However, the title is not guaranteed to be passed to any one winning candidate as the winner may earn a different title altogether. Possibly even a new one made up on the spot.

The First Worldeater

The first World-eater.

Name: Star Commander Cicayda
Age: Is around 35 years of age
Eyes: Green
Hair: Silver
Height: average
Family: House Higurashi, of which his sister Cricket is the only other surviving member
Race: Lyre

Known history:

Most of this guy's history is pure speculation because he won't tell me anything. But, I'm given to understand that his village was under attack by empire forces. To save the lives of himself and his little sister, he traded the village temple's most precious relic over - one of the Circlets of the Morning Star. Now an outcast from his people with his little sister to raise, he took a job as a soldier and rose up in the ranks until he was noticed by his superiors and the Adonai awarded him with his position in Cerberus.

He was in charge of the mission that raided Taus's village and captured her into slavery. He also acted as her benefactor, recommending her into Cerberus and passing his title to her when he retired. His last known location was a tropical retreat on some backwater planet, where his sister's grandchildren annoy him happily.

Development History:

His planned first appearance is in a short story tentatively entitled The Brat. Katrina had no plans of ever fleshing him out beforehand, but for the sake of good storytelling she has to.

Fun Fact

Cicayda is named after the anime When the Higurashi Cry. It just seemed like Higurashi was a cool name, but translating it to rough English was even better.

When Spearcarrier realized Cicayda looked like Moch Lhung she got an idea.

Cicayda's jacket is a real pain to work with.

The Second Worldeater

Malek Star Commander Taus, House affiliation classified. Click Taus to read more.

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