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Name/Title: The Adonai, literally "Emperor" or "King". As the empire's highest official, he has no "name" to speak of.
The Adonai's first appearance in the palace gardens.

Age: Somewhere in his late 30's or mid-40's. It's hard to tell with Annanagi.
Eyes: blue
Hair: Pale blond
Height: average by human standards
Family/House: The Adonai's House has been in the seat of power for at least 3 generations. No known relatives at this time, although I'm sure he has them. He has never been married and has no known heirs.
First Appearance: Akashik Chapter 2, Page 4

Powers: Other than political power, the Adonai appears to be powerless.

Preferred Weapons: We're back to talking about political power again, aren't we.

Affiliations:Whomever pleases him at the moment.

About Him:
This guy appears a little goofy, but what do you expect of a former prince turned emperor? All prince types are goofy, even the ones who have moved up in the world. The Adonai is no exception. At times he can be moody, flighty, and the type of petty prankster that sends young wouldbe elites on petty errands while ignoring more important issues at hand. But watch out, because the moment things get serious so does he.
He is of what many consider "pure" Annanagi descent, although he is not as tall as the rest of his people. He does not have something wrong with him; a lot of his family members end up "height challenged". Hey, Tutankhamen's daddy looked like a space alien due to a genetic disease. European nobility were called "blue bloods" for a reason. The Adonai's family tends to produce short folks. It's just part of the royalty curse.
He has a large reputation as being a fan of the ladies, although recent rumors suggest something else is going on between he and his most trusted official, Lalesh. Scandalous.

Development History:
As the story's most important protagonist, the Adonai was not meant to become the silly man you read before you. Somehow he just ended up that way, and the die has been cast.
His color scheme was carefully chosen to reflect regalia worn by former emperors of China with a nod to the brilliant phoenix, although he is not the bird in this story. Just a guy in a fuzzy hat.

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