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The Malek Taus is the full name and title given for a character in the Akashik and Heavenly Bride comic universes.

A typical image of Taus.

Name: Taus
Title: The Malek, The Worldeater
Age: Old enough
Eyes: violet
Hair: black with purple tips
Height: short
Family: Married to Moch Lhung, foster mother to Foxglove, no other family recorded.

Powers: Taus knows tummo. She also is telekinetic and is a master of disguise glamour. She also has the ability to physically manifest her aura into black shapes and forms which are quite useful in various situations. Sometimes she has wings, but only when she feels like it.

Preferred weapons: Her sword Truth, fire, anything that can be thrown telekinetically, anything she can do with her black aura

Occupation: AWOL soldier
Affiliations: Cerberus, The Patriots

Known history:

Taus is the halfbreed daughter of a Lyran mother and a human father. She owes her physique to her human side and the rest to her mother's side. She was born to a House of hidden origin, possibly because she spent her youth as a slave to the Empire.

She attended the Academy of Mercy in her adolescent to early adult years as a Cerberus candidate. She went directly from school to the field as a full-fledged Cerberus member, being given the title of The Worldeater, although why or how she earned that title remains a mystery considering she can't even finish a single ice cream cone.

Development History:

Taus, the early years

Taus first appeared in a one shot comic, Battle of Angels, at the turn of the 21st century. (Or maybe it was the 20th. All of that gets so confusing.) Several years later, her creator picked her and her story back up again.

When it comes to how much Taus has changed since Battle of Angels, the only large changes have happened to her physical appearance. At first, Taus had brown hair and violet eyes. But during the revamp, Katrina decided she needed a more metaphorical change. Her personality was also fleshed out, keeping the same likes and dislikes, and a rift between she and her husband was created.

Her wing design remained largely the same, although some physical attributes have been borrowed from the spine-tailed swift.

Everything else about her was only fleshed out, keeping most of her story and personal relationships intact. However, the ending to her story may or may not stay the same as that of Battle of Angels.

With the 3D revamp of Akashik planned along with 3D being used in page development for The Heavenly Bride, her looks have smoothed out into a consistent form that carries across all three mediums.

Taus, revamped
Taus, revamped

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