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Name/Title: Norman

Age: Early 20's
Eyes: blue
Hair: orange yellow
Height: a little tall by human standards
Race: Blue Nordic, synthesized
Family/House: House Skule.
First Appearance: Akashik Chapter 4, Page 19

Powers: Norman can connect wirelessly to the neuronet, an internet like network with various means of communication.

Preferred Weapons: The power of knowledge

Occupation:Cerberus Candidate

About Him:
Norman is the lead Cerberus Pup and a cyborg. He just has a neural implant that allows him to do nifty tricks on the internet and gives him free wi-fi.

Development History:
Death isn't sure, because sometimes her whims and fancies are due to subconscious evil in the works, but Norman may have had his name inspired by an old 1950's classic: Norman by Sue Thompson.

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