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cel shade image of Lhung using 3D technology
The Moch Lhung is a silver celestial dragon of an old, royal family that is all but defunct. He was quite happy being a noncorporeal being before taking on physical form by "accidentally" in inhabiting an abandoned body at the Hall of Shells. He was not so happy to learn that by taking on a physical form he had went from life as a celestial dragon to a half-life as a blood sucking vampire.

Lhung is his given name and "Moch" is his title. Being of a high status, it is usually more important to the people around him to call him by title than by name and he's actually quite lucky to have a name at all. He will often insist gently to please call him by his given name. The fact that he has chosen to live life as an academy teacher rather than retake his family estate has something to do with it. So long as he does not serve in any official capacity, there is no need for those around him to see him as anything other than a peer.

He teaches biological sciences at the Mercy Academy but was officially trained to be a doctor, which in his world gives him a holistic background in the physical, psychological and spiritual sciences.

He is best friends with Taus.

He lived his first life near the end of the Lyre era.

Character development:

"Lhung" is similar to the word that means "dragon" in Chinese. His pale appearance and astral form reflect his "other" state of being, and although the artist is not very good at it she tries to portray him as unrealistically beautiful in deference to his celestial nature. At first his hair was always perfect, but over time this stray stand of hair kept creeping into the picture. Lhung was taking on a life of his own... and he wanted his dragon whisker even if he couldn't have the rest of it.

Lhung's personality, stance and reactions echo the stereotypical vision of the wise emperor who calmly surveys everything and never loses his head. This makes him particularly difficult to write.

His character in the Akashik universe is mostly developed in the Heavenly Bride timeline, where he meets Taus and is made to come to terms with life in the physical realm.

Fun facts:

  • The stray strand of hair that creeps its way into all of his hairstyles is a dragon whisker metaphor. Death actually had to take a dragon whisker from a Chinese dragon model to make it. She didn't have anything else that looked right in her 3D library.
  • Referring to Lhung's manga-metaphor "bishie sparkles" and calling Lhung "the original sparkling vampire" on Zazzle earned a firm demand from the Twilight representatives for Death to remove the offending merchandise as the term "sparkling vampire" was construed as infringing on their territory. Death is still a little miffed, considering nobody else there had to take THEIR sparkling vampire stuff down. And she wasn't making fun of Twilight in the slightest. Neither did Twilight make the first cute guy with sparkles. Manga did.
  • When Death began to incorporate 3D technology into her plans to revive Akashik, Lhung's model was the first she finished... she'd only been trying to get him to look right for two years.
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