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The Lyre (also known as the Annunaki) are an ancient race considered to be the founding fathers of all known humanoid intelligent life in the Akashik universe. They once ruled the entire known galaxy system with their central home planet located in the solar system Shiro, on the planet Blue.

text:Typical Lyre female
Physical Appearance: They tended towards being lithe and small with hair of naturally bright colors such as red, blue, purple, green, and even iridescent reflecting colors such as one would see on the back of a mallard. Their eyes were twice larger than a human being's, if not bigger. An infant's hair resembled a newly-hatched chic's down.

Royalty always had violet colored eyes. Lyre considered to be the most beautiful had black or dark hair, as that was an extremely recessive trait.

Culture and Biology: Proudly, most Lyre would tell you that they were not lizards as were their counterparts the Sheti. Proud to be avian, they dressed in all amount of feathers and practiced various forms of flight as rights of passage and cultural pass times.

It is not known if the Lyre gave live birth or laid eggs as they practiced procreation through a complicated cloning process in their religious and fanatical attempts to bridge themselves with the rest of the known universe. Royal family members alone were conceived through natural means. Once conception was achieved, the infant (or egg) would be taken from the womb and split into five "siblings" and kept in the royal cloning chambers. They would then be enhanced with dragon and phoenix DNA to ensure longevity and eternal youth. Because a Lyre infant dies more often than survives, their children were all jealously guarded to the point of enforced isolation.

They had a very Buddhist/Zen type religion based on their inner knowledge of eternal incarnation and reincarnation. A peaceful demeanor was prized very highly and was often richly rewarded.

Downfall: The empire at the time of "The Sunderment" was ruled by a fire-haired Empress. She had married into the ruling family as part of a power alliance. Her name is not recorded because the Lyre believed the higher in rank you went, the less identity you were allowed to have as you must give your all to your people.

Her period of rule was a very trying time. A plague had struck the Lyre; an unnamed disease which can only be described as causing their souls to age rapidly and then "pop" like an old soap bubble. Victims of this disease fell prey to fatigue and often wasted away until they fell asleep never to wake up again. The Lyre were desperate to find an answer and tripled their cloning efforts, bringing in many species that were far from advanced as they worked to find out why they were dying while other races were not.

This caused a lot of dissent with many of the outlying border towns. They saw the new populations as an invading force. Their jobs were to protect the borders of the nation, but instead they were forced to invite what they considered impurity and a drain on their resources into the kingdom. Also, many were watching their children die with no answer in sight while strangers were coming into their towns, taking their jobs, and in many cases becoming a burden on the economy. In the empire's breadbasket, a dying population could not farm very efficiently making the threat of starvation a possible reality. Most blamed the Empress, aligning their troubles with the death of her royal husband and her subsequent assent to the throne. Further blame was placed on what they considered bad breeding on her part; her only surviving child was neither calm nor willing to accept meditation trainings or seek enlightenment. To many of the lower class, their world was being visited by a god-like curse.

Then a new trouble appeared. The Lyre empire's efforts brought them to the attention of a new race they had never met before; a race of black-shelled insects. These insects preyed on the outlying borders and began to chip away at the Lyre's vast territory. The border areas that had already begun to declare their independence sometimes found themselves swallowed by the advancing enemy never to be heard from again.

The Empress chose to make overatures for peace. Her overatures were ignored and the insects attacked the home planet, razing everything in their wake. The survivors were loaded into slavery ships and taken away, leaving the entire planet devoid of intelligent life.

Survival: The bordering towns that managed to weather the Sunderment banded together as a group of nations. The races soon began to consider themselves as separate from each other until they became distinct races: The Annanagi, humans, black-skinned D'kalfr, and the blue-skinned Houroi.

By the time of Taus's birth, there were still small bands of Lyre living off the land in various wilderness areas. Seeing them as a threat to his sovereign domain, the Adonai launched numerous campaigns to kill them by any means necessary. This suddenly stopped a few years into the campaign, although Lyre are still rounded up and forcibly sent to planets specially designated for them. These planets are usually mostly barren, ensuring a difficult life. News and information on the Lyre is often suppressed by the government, and many believe them to be extinct.

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