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FLOTSAM AND JETSUM - Born to a House of acrobats, the House Kyogukeiten, these two are twins and very fond of each other. It's actually quite creepy how fond of each other they are. As Cerberus Pups, it's a good thing the Adonai did not partner them with one another.


A long time ago in an age far away at about the same time or even maybe before Roberta Williams revolutionized video gaming with (gasp) pictures, Death had a text game about pirates. In the opening scene, you (the main character) would wake up on a beach. Upon giving the command look, you were told you saw flotsam and jetsum.

This was how Death learned the term, despite being a fisherman's daughter, and for most of her life she thought the term went strictly together as "flotsam and jetsum" almost as one word. When Flotsam and Jetsum were created, she did a little research and learned she was wrong. But it was fun while it lasted.

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