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Cerberus is an elite military team that reports directly to The Adonai. It was formed under the order of the current Adonai's grandfather as an elite military force tasked with specialized missions. They were given looser legal boundaries that enable them to pretty much do what they want. Only those who earn their station can be placed in this position of trust, even with an endorsement from high ranking members of state.



There have been two known teams to date. A third team is currently being formed via Cerberus candidacy, where a select number of students attending the Academy of Mercy are given a candidacy for a Cerberus position.

Cerberus has no set member count. There can be five members, there can be six, or there could be ten. It depends on which candidates are found able and worthy and which ones perish trying.

Not much is known about Team One. Team Two was formed a generation ago under The Adonai's esteemed father. There are five known Cerberus members for Team Two with rumors of an unknown sixth member.

  • The Executioner - Star Commander Pandit of House Spectack. This fellow was the team leader and the reason why they didn't kill each other. Cause of death: Unknown, but public rumor says it was in a dressing room wearing a tutu and a mumu.
  • The Assassin - Star Commander Don of House Juan. He fancied himself the Peer's gift to men and women. Enjoyed playing with sharp objects and had an extensive sword collection. Cause of Death: Somehow it involved his butter knife collection.
  • The Worldeater - Malek Star Commander Taus, House affiliation classified. She is one of two team survivors and has been missing for at least five years. Although she is AWOL, the Adonai never had her hunted down until the candidates for the third team assembled.
  • The Black Mage - Star Commander Tellon of House Ponte. The other team survivor. The Black Mage was the brain of the operation, when they needed a brain. He was often relied on to hack systems or invent strange things from lint.
  • The Torture Mechanic - Star Commander Kashik of the Dreamy Eyes. Don't let this man's calm demeanor fool you: he was vicious in the interrogation room. He perished due to prolonged contact with the Black Mass. Official cause of death: poison.

    Team three's candidates are comprised of ten students.

  • Norman of House Skule
    The Cerberus Candidates together.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam of House Kyokugeiten
  • Hrlorg, also known as "Loomer"
  • Payge of House Hon
  • Ren "Mad Ren" of House Kutsulen
  • Bella of House Jijipana
  • Alta
  • Fred of House Futon
  • Foxglove


    The Cerberus Seal complete with "Devil" House family affiliation. Devil's Panties was referenced because it was a favorite webcomic of War, who created the patch.
    The Empire's military uniforms are color-coded with black, white,and red. Cerberus members wear a standard uniform, but instead of the straight breast line seen on other uniforms they have a jagged "lightning bolt" design. Cerberus candidates wear red. Full-fledged members wear black.

    The Cerberus seal, the unit patch they wear on each arm, depicts Cerberus, the three-headed devil dog of Greek myth. It has the unit's motto written in Elohim script and two areas to put the soldier's House affiliation as per patch uniformity.


    The Cerberus motto reads: Measurement, Quantity, Calculation, Comparison, Victory.

    When routinely swearing allegiance to the Emperor, they would recite the following:

        We are the hounds that hunt in his might.
        We are the dogs that keep weakness at bay.
        We serve our lord faithfully.
        We serve our lord eternally.
        All hail to you, Adonai!
        We will follow you forever.

    Development Notes

    Although Death generally knew there were five other people Taus worked with and was very fond of, Cerberus was the second idea to come out of her mind. Originally, the "other five" were fellow generals that shared space with her from time to time. Recasting the other five into an elite team of which the Malek Taus was a part of created a platform for personal endearment in the story and for Taus herself.

    When it came time to design the unit patch, Death and War realized the Akashik universe needed something more than the usual way things are done. They already knew the social system was built upon a House family structure, where families had allegiances and even served one another similar a Japanese feudal system. It only made sense this cultural backbone would be expressed on uniform. With the creation of the Cerberus patch, "how" was invented and the rest is history.

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