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Name/Title: Bella
Bella's sex appeal, used to garner fan support at the Akashik website.

Age: Late teens, early twenties
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Pale blond
Height: average by human standards, being a distant cousin to the Adonai himself her genes didn't give her much of a choice.
Family/House: Jijipane
First Appearance: Akashik,Chapter 4, Page 19 [[1]]

Powers: Her powers have not been revealed to date.

Preferred Weapons: Ditto.

Occupation:Cerberus Candidate, Student of the Academy of Mercy
Affiliations:Other Cerberus Candidates.

Your typical child of distant nobility, Bella is haughty and concerned about how her clothes look at all times. She also seems to have no concern for life with a special place in her loathing for humans. How she develops over time - and if the other Cerberus candidates can stand her long enough not to kill her - remains to be seen.

Development History:
Spearcarrier knew the team needed your typical rich bitch - the classic stereotype with a higher sense of self that lowers the sense of those around them. Bella was created with that need in mind. She has been given multiracial attributes in case some small-minded peabrain wants to accuse Death of being racist. But mostly Bella just needed to be your dark-skinned typical blonde. With a gun.

To Death's personal amusement, the design worked better than she had intended. Within 24 hours of her debut in Akashik, she was called "sexy" by one fan who also wanted to know if she was single.

Yes. The hem of her uniform skirt is modeled after Smurfette's sense of fashion.

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