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The Annanagi are a race of people that share a great number of genetic traits with humans. They are also known as the Elohim and, less commonly, angelics.

An Annanagi's usually appearance depends on what region he or she is from, as they have evolved into various sub-races over time. Overall they look extremely humanoid with pointed ears and greater psychic abilities. Most Annanagi are fair of hair and complexion, although there are some dark-skinned strains from more tropical regions.

The Annanagi are not color conscious when it comes to their breeding and social habits, and this brings in a wide mix of genetic material from zone to zone. They possess many "extra senses" such as telepathy and telekinesis, but do not hold the corner market on being born that way.

Annanagi trace their origins to outlying border posts founded during the Lyre era. When that empire fell, the people were left to fend for themselves while facing a vast slaver enemy. If this story is true, this could account to the militant and warlike nature of their culture. They place high value on education, with some citizens continuing a formal education until their body expires from old age. Educational establishments are essentially military schools with practice drills and class level based on intelligence and aptitude rather than age.

Teachers are highly prized individuals, as are wartime soldiers. The Annanagi do appreciate athletics on some level, but mostly athletic competitions are used as tests in order for military applicants to prove themselves and earn their way into certain programs. Cerberus is an example of one such program.

Any union that can result in a family alliance or children must be approved by The Manu, a ruling council of five that answers only to The Adonai himself. With each application, DNA records and temperament history are carefully reviewed. Although most marriages are approved, sometimes an application is denied out of fear any offspring would be unfit citizens or regarded as unhealthy in some way.

Because they share similar chromosomes with humans, children have been born of interracial unions. (Really, all races born of the Lyre are able to interbreed to some extent.) If the child had an Annanagi father, they will usually grow taller than their paternal parent and have nearly-white complexions. If they had an Annanagi mother, they will take after their human father in all physical ways aside from slight differences. Because of this, the Annanagi frown upon their women taking mates from the human race out of a desire to keep their specie strong and supreme. It has very little to do with sexual roles in their society.

The Annanagi are the dominate race in the Empire with The Adonai having been a "pure" Annanagi for generations. Historically, it is thought that they took power during a time of civil war and helped to restore order in their region. There are historians with an "alternative" point of view that suggest the Adonai's House may have had certain ties to the Lyre that enabled them to pull the political coup necessary to achieve the final goal.

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